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Providence Group provides business-to-business (B2B) services. 

B2B is how companies do business with and promote themselves to potential business partners, buyers, customers and their community of influencers and investors.

Providence Group always presents a strategy and plan. We look at products and services from the perspective of buyers. We do not ignore their behaviour and needs. This allows us to set goals, prioritize and assess results more accurately. 

We safeguard our clients and are not lured by “get rich quickly schemes. ” Instead, we build on our relationships, take time to cultivate them and concentrate on the long-term goals and gains.

On your behalf, we can organize, participate-in and launch trade shows. After trade shows, we will continue to lobby your interests and work with contacts acquired at trade shows in order to promote your interests. 

Clients of Providence Group are companies that seek to promote and establish their businesses in Canada. 

Providence Group connects these businesses with Canadian Chambers of Commerce, Canadian investors, politicians and government committees.


L to R: Viktor Popov, Chairman of FED; Minister of International Trade Ed Fast; Volodymyr Paslavskyi, President of Providence Group