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Providence IT Solutions
Providence Group is a one stop shop for your IT solutions.
Please read the list of technologies, languages and libraries. The list is not exhaustive.
Web Applications.
Providence Group knows how to build flexible, reliable and fast Web applications, starting with low-level facilities such as protocols: HTTP 1.0/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, SOAP and overall finishing with good engineering practices.
Providence IT Team creates web applications on the widely known technology stack LAMP.
The server-side (or, the business logic) uses scripting language PHP with its object-oriented approach in the latest major version. Quick start provided by well-tested development frameworks such as the Zend Framework (from the company which also created PHP language), and Yii Framework.
When designing the business logic Providence IT Team uses patterns (intelligently) which are proven solutions for repetitive tasks.
Software Development.
Scripts and Utilities
Mobile Apps
Software QA
Web Development.
Quality Web development
Layout, transfer of the design into HTML5 code using CSS3.
The tasks to be performed by various applications:
YUI3(Yahoo User Interface)
Search engine.
Sphinx, Lucene
Mushups services integrated into one. Integration of various third-party services API.
Facebook API, Twitter API, Linkedin API, Google APIs.
The integration with payment systems such as paypal,
Database solutions.
MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDb.
Design the database system, handle complex queries, optimize slow queries etc.
Keeping code simple and maintainable is the key.
Using common coding standards, versioning system, code reviews, refactoring, unit testing, and continuous integration.
GUI QA testing, stress testing, load testing, integration, etc..