Hydraulic Garbage Bins Bring Savings to Small Businesses

Toronto – 6 February 2016 – Providence Group has signed a commercial agreement with Modern Waste Products Inc. (MWP), an Ontario based company specializing in innovative manufacturing technology of hydraulic bin compactors, called “BinPack”.
BinPak Compactors are special garbage bins endowed with highly efficient and effective hydraulic levers that compact garbage, cardboards and mixable waste up to 10 times more than conventional garbage bins or large vertical compactors. An important feature of this technology that it is fully sealed, preventing unauthorized dumping of garbage by third parties, making impossible for animals to get in, and in stopping diffusion of pesky garbage smell.   
MWP’s BinPak Compactors were featured on CBC’s popular TV show, Dragon's Den.  
“In 2015, during the PM Expo Trade Show (Toronto), we selectively met with the MWP team to discuss our joint cooperation, which led us today to this agreement. Reselling the MWP product broadens the scope of Providence Group's portfolio and cuts into the lucrative, but at the same time the environmentally friendly market of waste management," stated Volodymyr Paslavskyi, President and CEO of Providence Group. 
Providence Group encourages its existing and new customers in Ontario and Canada to get a special quote on the product. A BinPak Compactor can save a business up to $12,000 per year and contribute to a cleaner and safer garbage site.
Providence Group can analyze any company’s garbage bills in order to forecast savings.
Employees of airports, universities and colleges, factories, senior homes,  stores, restaurants or tenants of small apartment buildings will love to have the BinPak as it safeguards them from injuries that may occur due to lifting heavy bags or wheels on conventional bins.
Businesses can also place their logos onto the BinPak Compactors in order to achieve a corporate look.
Providence Group is a North American leader in providing business-to-business (B2B) services. For its clients, Providence Group presents strategies, plans and looks at products and services from the perspective of buyers, which allows our Group to set goals, prioritize and assess results more accurately.
Providence Group is a member of Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, and Young Professionals and Skilled Workers Association.
To order a BinPak or get a quote, please contact Providence Group at +1-647-831-2139 or write us info(@)prov.in.ua.