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Quick Facts about Hydraulic waste compactor BinPak:

BinPak Compactors are special garbage bins endowed with highly efficient and effective hydraulic levers that compact garbage, cardboards and mixable waste up to 10 times more than conventional garbage bins or large vertical compactors.

An important feature of this technology that it is fully sealed, preventing unauthorized dumping of garbage by third parties, making impossible for animals to get in, and in stopping diffusion of pesky garbage smell.   
  • Saves your business up to $12,000 per year of waste cost
  • Establishes environmentally friendly site 
  • Enhances workplace safety
  • Prevents from unauthorized dumping
  • Optimizes recycling options
  • Safeguards from animals getting into the garbage bin, e.g. racoons, birds, waspe, etc..
  • Completely sealed bin eliminates odours and liquids
  • Height 2,32m (80")
  • Load Height 61cm (24")
  • Width 2,57m (66")
  • Length 1,66 (66")
  • Fill Door Opening 50,8 cm x 81,2cm (20"x32")
  • Weight 1255kg (2760lb)
  • Electrical - 200-250VAC; 30A; Single phase
  • Compact ratio approx. 10:1
  • Volume 4600 litre /6 cubic yard
  • Manufactured in Ontario all parts are Canada made
Providence Group can analyze any company’s garbage bills in order to forecast savings.
To order a BinPak or get a quote, please contact Providence Group at +1-647-831-2139 or write us