Providence Group Offers New Support Service to International Students
Toronto – 2 August 2016 – Providence Group is proud to launch its new Support Service for international students, who currently study in Canada. This new support service is a response to myriad of inquiries that Providence receives from international students.

"Often international students approach us with multiple questions that are not answered or addressed by public colleges immediately. Students want to get professional assistance and guidance or simple answers to their questions without having to wait for a day or two for their replies," states Volodymyr Paslavskyi, President and CEO of Providence Group.

Public colleges and universities are often overwhelmed with their daily operations and cannot physically address each international student's requests with expected attention to details. Each department, in particular international departments in public colleges/universities, handle many inquires on daily basis and at times backlog is formed in responding to questions that appear "too simple or irrelevant or not too urgent" for institutions of higher education.

International students already call or email Providence Group with common trivial questions, like:

I feel that my ESL level is not challenging enough for me, can I upgrade to a higher level? How can I defer my start date for classes? How to get a driver’s licence? How to open a bank account? I want to switch to a different bank? How to get a cell phone? Which cell phone plan is better for students? I have a problem with my rent owner? How can I get involved into a community of my nationality? How and where can I volunteer in order to get good references? What are the best car insurance options? Can you help me to proofread or translate my documents? Can you help me write a letter of reference, motivation, resume, fill out a job application, a survey, etc.

These and many other questions are seemed very important to international students. Now with the new Support Service, Providence Group will be able to assist students more effectively to make their lives easier.

Support Service for international students is an affordable membership fee-based service type, $1 per day, which can be purchased online for two semesters for $240.00 CAD.

Once international students know that this is a membership type service, then, they should feel much more comfortable to contact us without hesitation on multiple occasions as needs arise.

Support Service for international students includes:

• Telephone inquiry from 9:00am to 7:00pm from Monday to Friday and from 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday, 1-647-831-2139
• Email inquiry 24/7 with reply time on the same day,
• Service in English, Ukrainian, Russian
• Facebook inquiry 24/7,

International students often suffer from anxiety when their questions or issues are not answered or addressed appropriately, which leads to the decrease in educational performance. This service also reduces pressure and burden on the public system.

Therefore, Providence Group by offering this Support Service wants to improve an overall educational experience for international students, who choose Canada as their education destination. Providence Group launched Support Service to address all of the above challenges.