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Since 2000, Providence Group is providing a broad range of public affairs services. We specialize in management of public affairs, campaigns and in providing consultations to businesses that pursue market operations. Providence Group handles variety of procedures that deal with government, business, not-for-profit and non-market institutions.

We play a key role in promoting and developing opportunities for local, national and international clients by using specialized government relations strategies and business consultations.

Our Clients value our connections and experience working with business, governments, public and private institutions across Canada on issues such as aerospace, health care, finance, education, urban affairs, energy and the environment.

Providence Group provides services related to:


• third party verification;
• regulatory clarification and compliance;
• monitoring of all applications and forms;
• troubleshooting.


• coalition building of supporters;
• support from key stakeholders;
• advocacy and articulation of messages;


• project cost assessment;
• “closet skeletons” associated with the project;
• engagement and review of local investors and/or partners;


• bridge cultures more quickly and conveniently, while avoiding cultural faux pas;
• translation;


• local travel support;
• stakeholder navigation.