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Volodymyr Paslavskyi has made a career out of his extraordinary passion for helping people achieving their goals in public domains.

As President of Providence Group, a public and government relations consultancy firm, he regularly advises clients and partners on important political, social, and economic questions. Appreciated for his insightful advice and experience acquired in politics and the media, Volodymyr is a perceptive strategic advisor to organizations, corporations, associations and professionals.

With nearly two decades of working experience in provincial and federal politics, Volodymyr combines this experience with tactical and strategic counsel in a significant and concise manner.

Volodymyr's educational background is in public administration, policy and political science. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and economics from York University and a Master of Public Administration, Policy and Law from York University, too. Volodymyr is also a registered regulated Immigration Consultant and a Commissioner of Oath, Affidavits.

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Taras Paslavskyi has exceptional project management and communications skills earned through more than twenty years of experience working on community and grass-roots issues, with federal and provincial governments and consulting for charities, non-for-profit associations, churches, education, research organizations, aerospace and defence industries.

His strong organizational skills and political insight enabled Taras to consult senior positions within the Government of Ukraine and Canada, and lead a liberal and pro-West think-tank in Kharkiv, Ukraine from 2000 to 2007. During his work for the think-tank and with the Government of Ukraine, Taras established a strong network of businesses interested in foreign investments and expansion of their markets overseas. He was also the senior project manager of organizing and running political, business and educational conferences in Ukraine.
Building on his extensive service delivery experience, and public and government relations work in Canada and abroad, Taras joined Providence Group in 2010.
Taras has provided consultation and evaluation of numerous projects, gave management advice, communication and issue management service to trade, professional associations and businesses in Canada and Ukraine.
Taras holds a Master's degree from Providence University College and Certificate of Accounting from Department of Economics, Lviv National University. 
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