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Political Campaigns

Candidate's reputation and his/her continued existence can depend on the degree to which his/her targeted public supports his/her goals and policies. Providence Group serves its clients by seeking to build and maintain positive relationships with the public.
Our clients include municipal as well as provincial candidates and school trustees. As candidates recognize the link between good public relations and the success of their campaigns, they come to rely on Providence Group for advice on the strategy and policy of their communications.
Providence Group handles organizational functions, such as media, community and interest-group presentations. We understand the attitudes and concerns of Toronto community and its residents, consumers, employees and public interest groups.
Providence Group specialists draft press releases and contact people in the media.
Providence Group specialists also arrange and conduct programs to maintain contact between candidates and the public.
We set up speaking engagements and help prepare speeches for our client-candidates.
We are knowledgeable with multimedia and are capable of making rolls, slides, and other visual presentations for campaigns, meetings, school assemblies and plant conventions.
Providence Group specialists always keep their deadlines.