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Why does your city need a twin city abroad?

City twinning gained a tremenedous reputation in being most specific and practical avenue in the development of international relations, between the cities, countries and regions. 

City twinning includes: economic, social, cultural and educational, political and municipal aspects of exchanges for the betterness of the lives of all the residents in the twin cities. At the end city twinning is about the people, thus harnessing a community support for the city twinning idea is the most crucial part of successful city twinning cooperation.

Generally there are two types of city twinning: partnership cities and friendship cities. Partnership cities are mostly selected by a city staff with a focus toward economic development. Friendship cities are proposed by a community of a city and endorsed by members of a city council. 

Providence Group offers the entire service in this regard. We will help you to find an appropriate twin city in Canada, secure a memorandum of agreement between the cities, and provide support to our city client during the ongoing city twinning cooperation.

Please write to Taras Paslavskyi at director@prov.in.ua to obtain more information on how you can begin a process of city twinning with a Canadian city.