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Student Support Service
Support Service for international students is a membership type service. This is an affordable service for $1 per day that can be purchased online in one installment for two consecutive semesters, 8 months, for only $240.00 CAD.

Once you know that this is a membership type service, which gives you such benefits as support with various agencies, property managers, advise and so on, then you feel much more comfortable to contact us without hesitation on multiple occasions as needs arise.

You should not feel shy or hesitant anymore to contact us with any questions.

Support Service will improve an overall educational experience for you as an international student and will make your life a bit easier. Now you will be able to focus on your studies better.

Support Service for international students includes: 
• Email inquiry 24/7 with reply time on the same day info@prov.in.ua
• Telephone inquiry from 9:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday at 647-831-2139
• Service in English, Ukrainian, Russian
• Facebook inquiry 24/7,

We address the following questions and issues, the list is not exhaustive:

• I feel that my ESL level is not challenging enough for me, can I upgrade to a higher level?
• How can I defer my start date for classes? How to get a drivers licence?
• How to open a bank account? I want to switch to a different bank?
• How to get a cell phone? Which cell phone plan is better for students?
• I have a problem with my rent owner?
What are the best car insurance options?
• I have a problem with understanding a contract?
• How can I get involved into a community of my nationality? How and where can I volunteer in order to get good references? 

• Can you help me to proofread or translate my documents?
• Can you help me write a letter of reference, motivation, resume, fill out a job application, a survey, etc.

*Providence Group does not provide immigration advices. For the immigration advices refer to RISIA at your college.

To purchase your membership please click here