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Non-refundable Administration, Registration and Technical Fees

Registration fee - $155.00

Technical support - $360.00

Personalized meeting 45 min - $130.00

Alternative College - $595.00

All fees must be prepaid and are not-refundable.



We accept:

·         e-transfers*

·         cheques – payable to Providence Group

·         certified cheques – payable to Providence Group

·         money orders – payable to Providence Group

·         credit card (some restrictions apply)


*We encourage our clients to send us e-transfers. To send one, you need an on-line/mobile banking app. Add “Providence Group” as a recipient and e-mail, info[@]prov.in.ua, on your digital banking dashboard to proceed.


Your payment is protected with a secure question and answer that you only know and upon completing a transaction, you receive a mobile or e-mail notification.




We accept:

·         certified cheques

·         money order

·         bank wires

·         Western Union

·         credit card (some restrictions apply)




We accept:

·         all major credit cards

·         bank wires – contact us for requisites

·         Western Union

Administration, Registration & Technical Non-refundable Fees

*All administration and application, consultation, support, letters of acceptance and other  fees are non-refundable.

If you do not have (PayPal) account, you still can pay for the administration and application fees. To do so, you need to select lower 2nd option, Don't have a PayPal account?, and continue the payment using your preferred credit card.