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Providence Group is proud to work with DRS Technologies Canada, a manufacturer of what is commonly known as "black boxes." DRS Technologies Canada is a Leonardo company, formerly Finmeccanica.




With world-leading technology designed to survive helicopter accidents, the CPI-406 ELT system exceeds international ELT requirements.


The crash-survivable beacon airfoil unit (BAU) separates from the aircraft at the onset of an incident, escaping the devastating effects of the downing and emitting a distress signal linked to the aircraft. With an additional encoding option, the BAU can transmit last-known latitude and longitude in order to aid in search and rescue. It floats indefinitely, helping crew survive the crash.


The CPI-406 includes deployable cockpit voice and flight data recorders, emergency locator transmitters and aircraft monitoring systems.

Automatic Deployable Flight Recorder (ADFR)

ADFR is a combined flight data recorder (FDR), cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and emergency locator transmitter (ELT) designed to provide instantaneous alert and accurate location of a downed aircraft, assist in the speedy rescue of survivors, aid in the recovery of the aircraft and assure timely recovery of vital accident investigation data.

In the event of an accident, the beacon airfoil unit is automatically triggered by on-board sensors, launching it from the platform, and emitting a distress signal as well as the aircraft’s last-known latitude and longitude. From there, it floats indefinitely, making it easier for rescuers to find survivors quickly.

The Combined CVR, FDR and ELT is used in a deployable, crash-survivable airfoil that can be installed on helicopters, fixed-wing and fast-jet aircraft.

The Most Recent ICAO Regulations Requiring FDR, CVR and ELB


On March 8, 2016, the UN's international civil aviation organisation (ICAO) has announced new provisions to help prevent future aircraft disappearances.


The new provisions are:


·         Aircraft must carry "autonomous distress tracking devices" that can "transmit location information at least once every minute in distress circumstances."


·         The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) must be able to store at least 25 hours of recording, "so that they cover all phases of flight for all types of operations."


·         Aircraft must be "equipped with a means to have flight recorder data recovered and made available in a timely manner."


CBS's news report on use of FDRs, CVRs and ELBs.