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Aerospace Representation in Canada, USA and CIS States

Providence Group Aerospace can officially represent your company in Canada, USA and Ukraine.

We can act on your behalf as an Agent to advance your aerospace business interests in the new market.

There are a number of benefits to hiring Providence Group as your Agent:

  • you don't pay employment insurance
  • you don't pay medical insurance
  • you don't worry about maternity leaves
  • you don't pay taxes, since Providence is a contracted Agent and not your employee
  • you don't pay office rental
  • you don't hire an interpreter
  • you save time, since Providence is very well versed in aerospace market in the above countries
  • you save money
  • you get the connections & relationships that Providence brings to the table
  • you get instant important information as insider knowledge of Providence experts
  • you protect your reputation
  • you get local legal advise
  • you get 24/7 support and stand by service
  • you get entire company working on your behalf