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Actuators & Fuel Pumps

Currently, we can meet your needs in:

·         Variable delivery and non-adjustable axial-piston pumps with flow rates from 2 to 200 l/min and pressure up to 38 mPa;
·         Hydraulic motors with shaft torques from 2 to 150 Nm;
·         Drive-generators with output power from 30 kW to 120 kW;
·         AC and DC electrically actuated pumping stations with pressure up to 28,0 mPa and flow rate from 2 to 120 l/min;
·         Stand-alone, combined, complex electrical and hydraulic actuators with actuating force up to 160 kN;
·         Electrical-mechanical actuators of reciprocating action with force up to 40 kN and rotating action with shaft torque up to 220 Nm;
·         Components and entire control systems of gas turbine engines.
·         Components and entire systems of electrical remote control of aviation vehicles.
·         Components and entire hydraulic systems of aircraft;
·         High-efficiency (93%) plunger and gear pumps;
·         Long lifetime ( 10,000+ hours or 40+ years) for engines of passenger and transport aircraft;
·         High mission reliability (99.7%), small size and weight, maximum lifetimes, endurance, simple maintenance of overhauls of engines of fighters and bombers;
·         Electrically actuated fuel metering units for any engine of any type;
·         Electrically actuated high pressure fuel pumps.